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I am John Heaven, a copywriter and translator living in Hamburg. If you’re an advertising agency looking for an English native speaker, or a smaller customer looking for advice and support with your marketing and communication, then I’m your man.

You can brief and work with me in German as I speak the language fluently.

John Heaven
Photo: Nora Heaven


How to start a podcast

You may already know that I run a website called “Why Hamburg?” – a blog…

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Country lane - photo by John Heaven

A curse worth memorising

The situation was thus: this year, whilst on holiday in Cornwall, I was driving downhill…

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Writing a (private) diary – instructions for Mac

These days, a lot is written about making sure the audience for your musings is…

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Whaling raft in museum on Föhr island

How they used to kill whales

Today (my birthday!) Nora and I visited the Friesen Museum on Föhr, where we are…

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Sense and Sensibililty

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen was required reading for my English A-level many years ago….

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What to write where?

Since becoming interested in the web – I don’t know, probably around 1996 when I first got…

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Moby Dick

It’s been a good few weeks since I finished Moby Dick. It was one of…

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