John Heaven

About John Heaven

Hi. I’m John Heaven, a self-employed writertranslator and web developer.

As an English native speaker I write mainly in English and translate from German to English.

I also develop websites, mainly using the content management systems WordPress and Drupal. (If this all sounds a bit too technical, don’t worry – it just means you can edit content on your website yourself.)


Originally from Birmingham in the UK, I studied Law at the University of Exeter before studying for a year in Saarbrücken, Germany. After returning to the UK to study an MA in International Studies, I completed my Graduate Trainee Scheme at Birmingham City Council before moving to Hamburg two years later.

When I moved to Hamburg, I worked in the field of online citizen participation at TuTech, a publicly-owned company specialising in technology transfer.

Since 2012 I have worked in the private sector in a variety of roles from web development to content creation via event organisation.


I have been building websites since the mid-90s and started using WordPress in 2009. Since then I have continually refined my technical skills and started working freelance at the beginning of 2014.

In my free time I am a keen photographer.