View from the train window at dusk, on the way back from Sweden to Hamburg via Copenhagen

I’m John Heaven, a creative, contemplative communicator with an eye for strategy based in Hamburg.

Let’s start by making a few assumptions about you and your business.

You’re professional and ambitious: I can help you find words that connect your ideas to customers or stakeholders. Professionally written texts gain customers’ respect and help them understand how you can solve their problems.

You have ideas, convictions and personality: Words are only part of the equation. The purpose of language is to exchange ideas with one another: an alluring alliteration or a perfectly phrased paragraph is only meaningful if there is substance behind it. Every piece of communication (text or otherwise) builds up a narrative around your business. Words can persuade, confuse or deflect customers depending on how well they align with your wider message – and narratives that resonate with your audience.

You understand what you’re trying to achieve: As a strategic thinker, you have a good idea what your objectives are. I can help you clarify those if necessary and can plan communication activities to support your narrative.

If that sounds like you, then get in touch.