Down by the port in Hamburg, at night. Timelapse with blurry ship in the background.

I grew up in Birmingham (UK) and studied Law at the University of Exeter and Saarland University in Germany. When I returned to the the UK, I achieved an MA in International Studies. I recently gained a Diploma in Professional Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

I currently work as a freelance copywriter, translator (German to English) and content planner, mostly in the area of B2B marketing especially for open-source software.

I kicked off my career by completing a Graduate Trainee scheme at Birmingham City Council. Birmingham was then the largest local authority in Europe, where I rotated through the organisation and was involved in pioneering digital topics and transformation in the area of HR, as well as policy. My wife and I moved to Hamburg in 2010, where I worked in the field of e-participation through EU-financed projects. I then worked for a Drupal agency for a while and was later part of the organising team for Hamburg’s Social Media Week.

Each step of my career has involved digital media or online technology, communications – in particular writing – and creativity.

Freelance since 2013

Since I picked up my Gewerbeanmeldung at the municipal office in Eppendorf, I’ve worked for a variety of great clients.

You could say I fell into website development – first with Drupal, then WordPress.

I then fell into writing when an advertising agency asked me to help them with an English-language campaign for a major international headphones brand.

I never fell out of either: much of my work involves writing and marketing with a focus on tech, although I’m comfortable with a wide range of complex topics such as financial services. I also advise on topic choice and strategy, mostly for B2B businesses.

Along the way, I’ve covered all manner of subjects including fintech and financial services, social media, content management systems, kitchen appliances, tyres, diversity management, personal branding and more.


I’m based in Hamburg and usually work remotely, so am available to pretty much anyone with an internet connection. I’ve got a dog now (woof!), so am tied to my home office – but if you need me to be somewhere, we’ll find a solution.

Based in Hamburg

The best bit about Hamburg is Schleswig-Holstein, the neighbouring state with lovely countryside and two coasts.

Flowers, blurred slightly due to wind.
A flowery field on Föhr, which is an island in the North Sea (not the one I came from).

But the best thing about Schleswig-Holstein is Hamburg, the nearby, rather affluent city that is significant enough to sustain a thriving media industry, an international port and an aviation sector, yet is obscure enough that you sometimes have a café by the canal to yourself just when the waterlilies are in full bloom.

They say an Englishman is born a double scotch below par, so the near-Nordic gloominess in winter when the sun never rises fully, the notoriously non-voluble northerners and generous precipitation suit me just fine.

Brought up in Birmingham, UK

I grew up in Birmingham, the second largest city in the UK. Birmingham and the surrounding area were at the heart of the Industrial Revolution, a source of great pride to the industrious city. Today, it is a melting pot of people from many different backgrounds, largely as a result of Britain’s imperial legacy.

While there is a growing sense of ambivalence towards the city’s role in Britain’s colonial past, Birmingham is very proud of its diversity. It is the youngest city in Europe with under-25s accounting for over 40% of the population. Growing up in Birmingham and attending King Edward VI Aston school (just around the corner from the Aston Villa ground and where Ozzy Osbourne spent his childhood) taught me a lot about tolerating and celebrating people different to oneself, and finding solutions to the associated challenges.

Snow in Birmingham
Snowy Birmingham.
The Council House in Birmingham. I used to work inside that building.