Hi there! I’m John Heaven.

I’ve been freelance for the past few years, working mainly in the areas of web development and technical communication. Now I’m looking for employment as a Data Engineer or Data Scientist.

Data Science Bootcamp and Hands-On Capstone Project

In November 2022, I completed the Data Science Bootcamp at neuefische. I really enjoyed spending all day coding in Python for 12 weeks, working with scientists and people from other professional backgrounds, pair programming and problem solving in groups.

Skills I demonstrated during the bootcamp

The syllabus included:

  • 540 hours of hands-on Python programming experience
  • Capstone project for a real stakeholder:
    • Predicting customer churn for a large developer of fintech applications
    • Used PySpark (Apache Spark) to access over 100GB of data, including caching data locally
    • Worked in a team of 4 people and took a leading role in terms of software architecture and data engineering
  • Extensive coverage of ML algorithms and implementation in:
    • scikit-learn,
    • Pandas,
    • Numpy,
    • Keras/Tensorflow
  • Visualisation with
    • Matplotlib,
    • Seaborn,
    • Plotly

Previous experience

I have extensive experience in open-source content management and web development through previous work in the area. I’ve been using developer tools such as Git, Unix shell and various programming languages regularly for over 10 years. I’m enthusiastic about experimenting with my Raspberry Pi, including collecting ambient data in a containerised architecture.

You can request my CV by emailing me at john@johnheaven.eu