My New Logitech Streamcam Solved my Low-Light Problems

Until yesterday, I’d been using the internal camera on my iMac for all my online meetings. I couldn’t help feeling that something was wrong: the picture was often too dark or grainy. Or the camera would adjust to the bright light in the background, shrouding me in darkness. I bought a Logi StreamCam – you… Continue reading My New Logitech Streamcam Solved my Low-Light Problems

My Hugo Workflow

One of the advantages of WordPress is that you can edit your website wherever you have an internet connection. With Hugo (or any static site generator, for that matter) you can’t do that so easily, although offline editing is much easier. Here, I’m going to tell you how I’ve got Hugo working in harmony across… Continue reading My Hugo Workflow

To Stockholm by Train

Inky skies and blue-green fields at dusk. Warm light leaking out of thatched cottages, then bleeding into the twilight. A stop in Copenhagen. The harsh Swedish landscape. Travelling up north by train has its advantages, as I found recently when I choo-chooed all the way to Stockholm. I’ve been trying to travel by train a… Continue reading To Stockholm by Train

Why My Website Looks So Awful

Well noticed: my website looks pretty, erm, “basic” at the moment. This is because I’ve been experimenting with a static site generator over the holiday period. I went for Hugo (I think the recommendation came from Robert Douglass when I was in Cologne just before Christmas). Static site generators: simpler than a CMS The idea… Continue reading Why My Website Looks So Awful