Was bisher geschah

Hier sehen Sie was ich karrieremäßig bisher alles gemacht habe, seit ich meinen ersten richtigen Job ab Anfang 2008 begann. Es gibt zu viel, als dass ich alles aufschreiben könnte aber es verleiht einen Geschmack von den Erfahrungen, die ich bis dato sammeln konnte.

Selbstständig (seit 2013)

  • Conference Director for FinForward 2019
  • Text for PR and advertising agencies, and providers of open-source web solutions
  • Translation and proofreading for international clients
  • Built and maintained various websites (mostly using WordPress)
  • Occasional stage host for Reeperbahn Festival Conference
  • Broad range of topics: food and drink, fintech, kitchen appliances, all manner of tyres, web technology and more
  • All the admin, paperwork and planning attendant to running my own business which is actually a really good grounding in how companies work.

Drupal site-builder and social media manager, comm-press (März bis November 2013)

  • A deep dive into Drupal, including technical stuff like deployment with Git and working on the command line

Event Organiser, Social Media Week Hamburg (November 2012 bis März 2013)

  • Organising events and running the show at one of the hubs during the week

Project Manager, TuTech Innovation GmbH (2010-2012)

  • Managing TuTech’s side of a European project, organising conferences, communications

Graduate Trainee, Birmingham City Council (2008–2010)

  • Rotating through various departments: Strategy and Policy, Sport, Business Transformation, Digital Birmingham, Regional and International Division. Co-writing the social media policy.

Education and Training

  • Chartered Institute of Marketing (2019)
    • Diploma in Professional Marketing
  • University of Exeter (2006-2007)
    • International Studies (MA)
  • Universität des Saarlandes (2004-2005)
    • Law (LL M). This was my Erasmus year.
  • University of Exeter (2001–2005)
    • English, German and European law (LL B)
  • King Edward VI Aston Grammar School, Birmingham (1994-2001)


Languages: English, German

Memberships: Hinz&Kunzt Freundeskreis, Freunde der Kunsthalle e.V.,
Handelskammer Hamburg (Chamber of Commerce)